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A Knights of Columbus council can work wonders; in fact, with its many programs, it can help change the community, town, city or neighborhood in which you live.

However, a successful Knights of Columbus program depends on people taking the initial idea, modifying it to suit specific situations and local needs, then implementing the program in the way it works.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic, family, fraternal, service organization. This theme permeates the entire Service Program: all Church, community, council, family, pro-life, and youth activities.

The Service Program is designed to establish each council as an influential and important force within the community, elevate the status of the programming personnel, provide more meaningful and relevant programs of action, establish direct areas of responsibility, build leadership, and ensure the success of council programs.

To assist your council in obtaining volunteers for your activities, use this information at this link on volunteer recruitment and retention.

To further aid councils in implementing service programs, the Supreme Council annually sends out a Surge Kit to all financial secretaries of record. This is usually done by early to mid-June. Use this link to review the materials included in the Surge Kit.

No council needs to undertake all of the service programs listed through the links below. These activities are only suggested areas of involvement for your councils, its members and families. No council need undertake all of these programs or should they be limited by these suggestions. Evaluate the needs of your community and implement those programs and activities that are needed most.

Use these links to access more information on some of the Knights of Columbus Service Program activities:

Guides are available for many Knights of Columbus programs and activities. These guides provide step-by-step instructions for conducting and promoting some of the Order's most popular programs. You can also find programming ideas in the "News & Events" section, as well as the "Knights in Action" section of this site.

Currently available are the following guides:

Order forms for program kits are available for these programs:
























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